Navigating Your New Dashboard

For Financial Professionals

What changes have been made to the online account system?  

The new online system provides simple, user-friendly access to your clients' annuity contracts and mutual fund custodial accounts. The new system features a flexible, responsive design for viewing across multiple screens and devices.

Several other features include:

  • Contract and online transaction details (same as previous system)
  • Book of business access with a dashboard view capability
  • Email or online web alerts for select account activity
  • Pending contract information available (annuity products only, at this time)
  • Report Builder to view, print or download commonly requested reports

Did the menus within the Security Benefit post-sign in account view change?  

Yes. After signing in to you used to select the “Client Accounts” link at the top right–hand side of the website or the "Client Accounts" menu option. Now after you sign in to the new site, you can now get to your client accounts two ways:

  • At the top-right of the website, you can select the “My Profile” menu and then from the dropdown select the “View Client Accounts” link, or

My Profile

  • At the top-right of the website, you can select the “My Profile” menu and then from the dropdown select the “View Client Accounts” link. 

View Client Accounts

How do I navigate the online account system?

Once in your new Dashboard, the menus are similar, however the data format is different to enhance the information presented and align it with the type of product selected:

  • Your accounts: Now organized by either Mutual Fund Custodial Accounts or Annuity Contracts.  
    • Use the dropdown box at the top right to change display from Mutual Fund to Annuity Accounts.
  • “Client Account Search” box: Use this to find client accounts (will search your entire book of business — both Annuity and Mutual Fund accounts).
  • Data: Now organized by subject areas called “cards”:
    • Each “card” provides a small snapshot of data, 
    • Most “cards” can be expanded to reveal more data by clicking on the header title (white labels at the top of each card). If a card is expandable, the header will be underlined when you hover over it with your mouse. Expand each card to see additional:
      • Data 
      • Functionality (such as searches, sorting, printing and exporting
  • New left-side menu: Provides access to additional data and functionality. This menu will vary slightly depending upon whether you’re viewing annuity or mutual fund accounts.
  • Drill Downs: Generally, you can drill down to more information by clicking on a row of data. 
    • If you select a client account, you’ll be provided with a new view of account details for that client. A new set of left-side menu items will be provided under the green box. These menu items generally pertain to the account you’re currently viewing.

How do I return to the home page?

To reset for a new lookup or other task, select the “Dashboard (Home)” link located in the left-side menu or in the top right header section of the page. 
Are there any new features that may save me time and effort?  

Yes. There are several new features. The first is “Pending Annuity Contracts”: For new annuity business, the system provides you with a status of your pending annuity business (mutual fund accounts are not currently supported for this feature). Note: You must select “Annuity Contracts” from the “Select Product Type” dropdown at the top of the site in order to see the “Pending Annuity Contracts” menu or “card”. This new content may help you avoid having to call Security Benefit to check on the status of your new annuity business.

A second new feature is the Alerts functionality: You can configure the system to send you notifications of selected account activity for annuities and mutual fund custodial accounts via web or email. Supported account activity alerts include:

  • Address Change (to notify you when an address change occurs for any of your client accounts)
  • Pending Account Status Change (to notify you of the processing progress of your new annuity accounts only)
  • Account Status Change (to notify you when existing client accounts have a change in status)
  • New Website Account (to notify you when your clients establish new web accounts)

To set up Alerts:

  • Click on your profile link at the top right of the screen (e.g. Hello, Mary).  You’ll see your sign in ID and the “Sign out” menu. Click on your sign in ID.
  • Next, click the “Alerts Setup” link in the blue bar.
  • Next, click the “+ ADD / CHANGE ALERTS” link.
    • Now select your “Alert Destination” (email, web)
    • Next, select the Alert Event you want to activate.
    • Next, select the “Subscribe” button.
  • When finished, click the “Dashboard (Home)” link.

How do I run reports that I used to run in the previous Security Benefit website?

  • Select the “Report Builder” link from the left side menu. Reports can be saved for future use by entering a report name and then saving it (using the “Save Report Criteria” button).  

How do I find my sales representatives?  

For financial professionals, we have heard your request to make it easier to find your sales team contacts and information, so we have their information on your home page after you have successfully signed in.

Can I still order fulfillment materials such as forms, literature and enrollment kits?

Yes. In the left side menu under the orange “Tools & Info” box, select the “Order Materials” link and you’ll automatically be taken to the Security Benefit fulfillment center website. You can also select the “Forms” link just above the “Order Materials” link to be taken to a section within the Security Benefit website to access other common forms.  

How do I sign out of the online account system?   

Select your profile link at the top right of the screen (e.g. Hello, Mary) and select “Log Out”.

What transactions can I perform online for my clients?

The online transaction functionality will remain the same as what was permitted within our prior website design.  Allocation updates (future and current investments), address changes, automatic asset rebalance and dollar cost averaging transactions will continue to be supported if authorization has been provided. Online transactions are accessible through the Left Navigation or by accessing the Online Transaction card within an individual account. 

How do I access my client statements and tax forms?

Client Statement of Accounts are accessible through the Left Navigation or by viewing the “Documents” card within an individual contract.