Your Lifetime Income Options Just Got Better

New Payout Rates with the Foundations Lifetime Annuity Income Rider

We’ve made some exciting changes to the Foundations Annuity. We recently increased the Lifetime Withdrawal Rates (PDF) under our Lifetime Income Rider, which mean more guaranteed income for your retirement years.

See what rate you could receive on our rate table below or visit our Income Calculator to view your potential Lifetime Income. 

Lifetime Withdrawal Rate

Talk to your financial professional to see whether a Foundations Annuity Income Rider can complement your retirement portfolio.

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The Security Benefit Foundations Annuity, form 5800 (11-10) and ICC10 5800 (11-10), a flexible purchase payment deferred fixed index annuity, and the optional Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Benefit Rider, form 5821 (5-11) and ICC11 5821 (5-11) an optional rider available for purchase with the Foundations Annuity and for which an annual charge applies, are issued by Security Benefit Life Insurance Company. 

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